We started there too

Appeals Wizard is a suite of software developed by two healthcare attorneys who spent their days shuffling papers, copying and pasting legal arguments, calling or emailing clients with questions or clarifications, and then depend on a manual tracking and reporting process to ensure appeals were received and filed on time. Appeals Wizard was started as a way to solve their frustrations and decrease their wasted time.

Today, Appeals WIzard can be used by a variety of entities, including providers, consultants, lawyers, administrators, and case managers. The system is setup to allow providers to tackle the parts they are ready to and then hand off to their attorney or consultant if needed or wanted.

Briar siljander

Chief Executive officer

Briar is a healthcare and business attorney with a passion for developing creative value-added solutions to his clients. Having represented hospitals and providers in transactions, regulatory work, and several aspects of administrative law, Briar understands the added complexity of operating a successful organization in a tough regulatory landscape, and appreciates the need for innovative solutions to the ever-evolving world of healthcare business. Briar combines his legal background with his expertise in business and administrative systems, and his experience developing efficient systems to provide cost- and time-saving solutions for hospitals and providers.

Briar graduated cum laude in the top 5% of his class from Loyola University Chicago School of Law with a Certificate in Health Law, and has  Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from Hillsdale College.


jennifer gross

chief information officer

Jennifer is a healthcare attorney specializing in healthcare business transactions and regulatory compliance issues. As a result of her experience representing a variety of healthcare providers and healthcare businesses, Jennifer understands that healthcare providers need to manage and grow their businesses with the lease amount of disruption and risk, so her primary goal is to clarify the ever-changing legal landscape and complex regulations impacting healthcare businesses. Jennifer’s meticulous attention to detail and passion for interpreting complex regulations allow her to craft simple, comprehensive, and effective solutions to accomplish this goal for her clients.

Jennifer attended Wayne State University of Law School where she graduated in the top 10% of her class and has a Bachelor of Science in Finance with Honors from Wayne State University.

Sarina siljander

Systems Development &
Implementation Manager

Sarina has many years of experience working in medical offices and other healthcare businesses both as employee and as consultant. Her driving force is improving quality management by minimizing waste and maximizing value. It might seem backwards to think waste is minimized by constantly staying abreast of and reacting to changes in healthcare legislation, but Sarina realizes the costs of not doing so are greater. Sarina has worked closely with Meaningful Use, Physician Quality Reporting System, Value Based Modifier, ICD-9 and ICD-10, billing audits, revenue cycle management and lean office management, only to name a few things. Sarina helps clients find value in introducing and fully utilizing tools and systems that allow for all employees to work at the top of their licenses.

Sarina received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physiology at Michigan State University. She has also attended several Lean workshops and received a certificate in Health Information Technology Implementation Project Manager at Lansing Community College.